Toy Hut is gradually building its range of craft materials suitable for school projects and home craft activities. We currently stock pipe cleaners in all colours, pom-poms in various colours and sizes, glitter, feathers, paste-on “googly” eyes, polystyrene balls in various sizes (including solar system kits), sheets of coloured craft foam and more. Toy Hut also has artists’ air-drying clay and a limited range of craft and acrylic paint. Our wax crayons, felt-tip pens and paintbrushes also come in chunky sizes for little fingers learning to grip and draw.

The Artlover range has a wonderful variety of colourful scratch cards, foam art, mosaic craft, sequin craft, “popcorn” art, “magic” water painting and lots more in various size packs. French knitting, flower pressing, and beautiful little Stitch Garden counted cross stitch kits also provide plenty to do. Playdough and various clays provide creative tactile experience.


Toy Hut also stocks the popular UK-based Renart brand of art products. Blendy Pens combine any two colours in a plastic holder – just twist and hold for 3 seconds, and voilá – you have a pen that changes from one colour to the other as you draw! The Sprayza is a simple plastic holder into which the felt-tip pens clip; just blow through the tube to create a delightful no-mess airbrush effect, perfect for use with stencils. Toy Hut recommends Paintastics for completely mess-free painting, with all the colour contained in the pen. The paintbrush tip is perfect for fine and broad strokes and can withstand any amount of “splodging” without losing its shape.